Nahimic: The Sure Way to Increase your MAC Sound beyond its Capability

Is it that time of the day or week when you want nothing but special entertainment? If you are using MAC, the Nahimic app has the best solution. The app brings real-time processing from any video streaming service or audio app to enhance your entertainment. Here is a demonstration of how Nahimic operates.

The Advanced 3D Surround Effect

Nahimic combines the spatiality and depth of sound from top products to provide MAC users with 3D audio on 5.1 and 7.1 channels. Its patented 3D-surround solution provides an audio boost to your system that makes the sound clearer and louder. What a great way to enjoy your entertainment with no distortion! But this is not all.

Nahimic also provides a simulated bass sound effect for immersion effect. This implies that whether you are watching the favorite movie on Netflix or Prime Video, the immersion effect will make you feel part it. Well, do not just watch videos on MAC, Nahimic will thrust you into the heart of the action!

Unique Sound Balancing for Video and Music

What music do you prefer? Nahimic is perfected for both blasting music and cool video sessions out of your MAC. To achieve this, the software allows you to alter the settings depending on whether you are listening to music or videos. If you are listening to music, you have the option to highlight the dialogue mode for a perfectly balanced sound. This makes the sound so clear that it feels like a conversation. Well, catch every word and impression that characters in your Netflix videos make for greater entertainment.

If you are listening via headphones, Nahimic app will also deliver the unique sound emersion effect to make entertainment natural. The app allows you to calibrate audios to amplify your headphones capability without distorting the sound.


For Nahimic, helping MAC users to take their entertainment to the next level is a dream that has now become a reality. You only need to download the app to your MAC to get entertainment of your dreams. You can test the above Nahimic features for MAC for free by taking advantage of the 14 days free trial period. Do you want the best from your MAC? It is time to go Nahimic!