Event Production Company: Things You Need to Know

Event production is not just about planning an event, designing the venue’s physical stages and setting up equipment – it’s more than that. If you’re planning to launch an event, whether it’s about introducing a new product, a business summit or a corporate town hall – it’s best to engage the service of an event production company. What is an event production company and what do they do?

Importance of an Event Production Company

An event production company is a team of highly organized people who are trained to conduct wide-ranging support for all types of events. Their services can be customized depending on the client needs. Most of the time, they are providing support from the beginning like analyzing the event, help in generating creative ideas and planning. Here are the two (2) types of events that a qualified event production professional can help you with: corporate and social events.

Corporate Events

When it comes to corporate events, the main thing to consider is how to deliver the company’s central message to its audience or employees throughout the event. The event’s theme is a large consideration, incorporating it into the company’s brand is a challenge. Common type of corporate events are company meetings, employee trainings, team building, awards night, year-end galas, product launching and trade shows. Most popular of which is seminars and conferences wherein an organization will hold an event to targeted audience and provide them with relevant information.

Social Events

Aside from various types of corporate events, the event production company can also help you with planning and organizing social events. A good event planner should make sure that celebrants or guests will make the most out of their time to enjoy themselves. They should listen to the guests’ wishes and come up with a brilliant idea to grant those requests. Examples are events like weddings, birthdays and other milestone celebrations. Event production companies can make this type of events be festive and filled with excitement through visual technology and live shows.

Entrusting the plan and preparation to the event production companies will also save you time. But how to know when an event planner is qualified? What are things to consider when hiring event production companies?

Tips When Hiring an Event Production Company

We all know that companies are not created equal and we must choose which one is the best and suitable for our event planning needs. This task is quite challenging and needs careful planning otherwise, a bigger problem could arise. Below, we have listed some tips to consider when selecting the right team to help you with event production.

  1. Check if the company’s experience is enough to manage the event. In this digital age, a slick looking website with stunning portfolios can mislead potential clients. Look deeply into the company’s experience by searching actual client’s feedback. Check also if their website has customer experience testimonials and make sure they are legitimate.
  2. Look for a company with a specific area of expertise that will suit your event planning needs. Most of the event management companies are specialized in certain areas. If you’re looking to plan a perfect wedding, then look for a wedding coordinator. If you’re techy, then look for companies that are good in utilizing modern technology like organizing a live streaming event.
  3. Ask recommendations from friends and colleagues. Simple crowdsourcing by asking questions and recommendations through social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn will complete this step.
  4. Go with your instinct. There are times that you need to trust your gut and make a decision. The important is, you should feel comfortable with your service provider and trust them to meet your expectations.

In summary, don’t just look at their shiny websites, call them and know more about their clients and services. A typical event production company offers the following services:

  • Event planning – whether a corporate or a social event, an event planner will be responsible for coordinating all aspects of either team building activity or a wedding ceremony.
  • Venue sourcing – Looking for a venue for your event is sometimes overwhelming. But with the event managers extensive contacts within the industry, they’ll help you find the perfect venue for a reasonable price.
  • Event staffing – If you’re having a problem with looking for staff to help prepare your live show, event management companies got you covered.
  • Event and live stream marketing – The company’s poll of marketing expert will partner with you to come up with strategies on how to deliver your content to your targeted viewers.
  • Live streaming – In this modern day, meetings and corporate town halls can be done offsite. The event manager will take care of everything in getting your message beyond the physical site through live streams.
  • Trade booths – aside from live streams, an event management company is also capable of designing booths integrated with state-of-the-art audio-visual technology that will suit your branding.

Now that you already know the important things you need to learn prior to hiring an event production manager, the next question is how much does it cost?

What Does it Cost?

The costs are based on your needs and their services. This company’s services can be tailored to fit your budget with this three (3) determining factors such as (1) number of guests, (2) scale of the live production and (3) level of post-production strategy. For example, an intimate event that will give you the most modest spaces oomph and panache will cost you not more than $25K. While a larger event infused with emotion, power and motivation that excites your audience will cost you not more than $75K.

Controlling chaos is what matters most during an event. There’s a lot to manage with marketing events, corporate meetings and the like. Hiring an event production manager will not only save you time but will also give you an outstanding result. By injecting dynamic, inspiring and impactful live events experience, they will leave your audience stunned and will be inspired to take action on whatever is the goal of the event.