5 Tips For Event Planners: How To Choose The Perfect Menu

It is easy enough to find affordable catering northern Virginia. There are several caterers that can provide you with great services at a good price. However, when planning for an event, that’s just one part of it. You still need to work with them to create the perfect menu.

To ensure that your guests don’t walk away unsatisfied, here are five tips that you should keep in mind to ensure that your menu will be a hit among the guests.

Ask For The Special

One of the factors to remember is that not all affordable catering northern Virginia are the same. Some of them have particular food items that they are good at. Talk about it with your caterer. Are they good with Mexican food or a particular cuisine? Do they have a signature dish that will wow the guests? Talking with your caterer about what they’re good at could also help you focus your menu. At least, you won’t ask your caterer about cooking meals that they have little to no experience with.

Remember The Guests

Another thing to remember when planning the menu is the guests. They’re the focus of the meal after all. Depending on the event, you may want to send out a questionnaire on what sort of food they can eat. If it is a large guest list, this is even more important.

This is because the more people coming, the higher the chance that someone with dietary restrictions is coming. Whether it is being vegetarian or being allergic to shellfish, it would be useful to know this information. This way everyone can eat without causing problems.

Also, if you have a guest of honor, then their favorite dishes should be some of the meals prepared. Keep special requests like this in mind when creating your menu.

Think About Service

Now, it’s time to think about how you will be serving the meal. Meals can taste different depending on how they are served. Leaving something buffet-style so that people can take what they want is different from directly serving meals to guests. Keep this in mind when determining your menu.

Timing Is Important

Next, you will need to think about the timing of your event. There is the basic time of whether it is in the morning, noon, or night. It will determine what sort of meal your caterer will prepare. Breakfast dishes are quite different from dinner meals. Talk about what would be a great meal for these particular times.

Additionally, there’s another layer of timing to think of. The time of the year can determine what sort of food can come to the table. Refrigeration may keep some ingredients fresh, but there’s nothing like truly fresh components when making a meal. Consider what fruits, fish, or other foodstuff is in season when creating your menu.

Always Do A Taste Test

In the end, though, you are still going to have to put the food to the ultimate test: taste. Have a sample menu made and take time to eat it. This will show you if any tastes clash and whether your caterer can deliver.

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